WordPress is a great tool for business’s. 90% of our development work here at Minneapolis Made is done in WordPress. There are good reasons this CMS beats out the competition.

1.) WordPress is easy to manage and maintain

Hands down WordPress is the easiest CMS’s to manage and takes very little training. Compared to other solutions that are open source WordPress is just simple. It takes very little training to master WordPress for day to day business editing and activity.

2.) WordPress has a massive amount of plugins

Aside from WordPress being easy to maintain, there are literally tens of thousands of plugins that add the functionality a business needs without having to hire a full-time coder to write a hundred thousand lines of code. With shopping carts, calendars, event scheduling and even SMS integration there are many complex business tools at hand to achieve some very robust results.

3.) WordPress is extremely popular

By far, WordPress out ranks any CMS on the market. Which means finding support isn’t as hard as say Drupal or Magento, where specialized stack coders must be on-hand to deal with any issues.

4.) WordPress is Mature

In internet viability, WordPress has been developed over the last decade. Which means it is stable. In the early days of WordPress there were times an update would break a plugin or some base code but those days are thankfully in the past. This means more up time and less time wasted backing everything up before updates.

5.) WordPress is Search Engine Friendly

As Matt Cutts of google has said, “WordPress automatically soles a ton of SEO issues”, even spammers use it to gain page rank. WordPress was developed with the same principles as HTML and it shows. It isn’t that hard with a good keyword strategy to get a WordPress website to gain page rank and stay ranked.