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Our SEO Agency has great success in driving local traffic more than the competition. We understand the process and how to harness Search Engine Optimization too achieve great results.

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Locally Grown SEO

Minneapolis Made has had over 25 years of search engine experience. It’s more than just understanding the internet or how to use a search engine. A lot of developers and companies say they are SEO experts, but their return on investment is relatively small. We know how to get the results you need.


We have had great success increasing a clients overall page rank. We know what search engines look for and how to achieve it locally and organically. No tricks.


Copywriting, doesn't have to be hard. But it does need to be relevant and stay within search engine principles. We write "quality" content for our clients. Does your copywriter know the do's and don'ts?


Search engine optimization isn't all about what's returned in search results, but which locations beat others in map packs. We specialize in map pack placement.


Images, coding, and hosting. The faster you can serve content to your users the more search engines will take your website seriously. We specialize in website optimization and managed hosting solutions.


Website Authority is built with quality backlinks. We create quality and relevant backlinks to get you the Authority you need on your choice of keywords.


If your going to be serious about Search Engine Optimization then review sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook will need some constant tending too. Ask us about our SMM package.

History : If you have been around long enough you understand where HTML came from. It was a markup language to translate news print to the new medium called digital. Much of how search engines work today carry the same principles as they did all the way back to the birth of HTML. Not a lot has changed in the way a browser renders the “readable” content of your web page. The code is not the readable part of the page, but the elements are. Alt Tags, Headings, Keyword Weight, these combinations of elements are the key to how a subject is found.

Everything is not Equal: The fact is that many developers didn’t learn the fundamentals of what HTML is. They just learned how to write it. We come across many websites that we’re coded beautifully,  react beautifully, but when we look at the basics of a strategy or the SEO schematic, we are left scratching our heads. Search Engine Optimization is a strategic and well thought out plan of how your site will perform in search engines. Many, miss the mark.

The Just of It: When we build WordPress  web sites.  We start with a hierarchy that makes sense to search engines. We also use web standard code which is set out in accordance with W3C. We also, take the time to explain the goal we are trying to reach, we set timelines and revisit all of our websites to see where improvements can be made so that our clients get the most out of SEO.

Minneapolis Made is a creative agency that specializes in WordPress, Search Engine Optimization, and Marketing. We have over 25 years of experience in the industry.


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